PPE Equipment

PPE kit for home and workplace

Covid protection – masks, tests, cleaning, signage

PPE Equipment

PPE kit for home and workplace

Covid protection – masks, tests, cleaning, signage

PPE equipment and supplies for your home, office, or workplace

Are you looking for affordable, reliable PPE suppliers for your office or workplace?

Pegasus are a one-stop-shop offering a vast range of PPE equipment, clothing and supplies whether it’s for general workplace safety or specifically for Covid protection.

We have 1000s of items in stock now for next day delivery across the UK. And if we don’t have what you need in stock already, leave it with us… we’ll get it in asap, price match with our competitors and get it over to you as soon as possible.


PPE Equipment

Covid face masks

The best masks for Covid protection in the workplace include:

Type IIR face coverings

These are cost effective, sterile, 3 ply medical grade masks with 98% bacterial filtration. Sterile versions are used mainly in medical and customer facing settings and non-sterile are day to day use. BUY NOW

N95, KN95 and FFP3 Covid face masks

These are close fitting masks with inbuilt respirators for working in environments that have a high risk of inhaling dangerous air-borne particles. Typically worn in the construction and manufacturing industry. BUY NOW

We also stock a range of other masks, face coverings, shields and respiratory protection equipment for different levels of risk and purpose.

Its vital to only purchase what you need, so please have a chat with Alan and the team so we can help you purchase the correct PPE for you.

Covid tests

Lateral flow tests

These tests are used to screen whether a person currently has Covid infection. They are simple to use, cost effective and produce results in as little as 15 minutes with no need to send to a lab for analysis.

A sample is taken by inserting a swab into the nose and/or throat, adding the swab to a solution, and then adding the solution to a test strip.

Covid lateral flow tests are ideal for regular testing at home as well as in workplaces and schools, and at events.

Covid antibody tests

Antibody tests are used to screen whether a person has had Covid and subsequently has antibodies within their system.

These tests require a finger prick test which can be done at home. A small drop of blood is collected in a vial and then sent to a lab for analysis. Results usually come back within 1 day.

Whether you want to screen for current Covid infections or find out if you have antibodies within your system from a previous suspected infection, visit our online store to buy covid tests online today.

Our PPE and workwear store also supplies:


Cleaning and sanitising products

Hand sanitiser, surface sanitiser and other cleaning products in stock now for next day delivery. Top brands – Purell, Uniwipe, Clinell, Kimberley Clarke, 3M.


PPE signs

We stock a range of PPE signs and floor signage for both general workplace safety and for Covid.


Social distancing solutions

We have solutions for optimising your workspace to better adhere to social distancing, with our free workspace design service, and a range of built-for-purpose office furniture and equipment.



Workwear and uniforms

We stock workwear, uniforms and PPE for all industries and occasions, including healthcare, catering and hospitality, construction, retail, and office.

Top brands include Portwest, Pencarrie, Orn, Alexander.

Child sizes are also available.



Company branding and personalisation

Stay on brand with personalised workwear and uniforms – printing and embroidery options available.

Call us on 01284 606 563 to discuss the best options for personalising your workwear or click below to find out more.

Pegasus can provide all the PPE equipment you need, whether it’s for Covid protection or for general safety in the workplace. Most items (excluding personalised workwear) are available for next day delivery.

Ready to buy or just need advice?

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